Wishlist… Sigh…

Tools Wishlist... Texture HammersMy wishlist keeps growing… and growing… and growing…

And (SHOCK! HORROR!) it does not include any Shoes! Yes REALLY!

Lovely Tia at Who Ate My Crayons recently used a term for my new texturing hammer photo on facebook. I have taken a real liking to it – Tool Porn

Yup My wishlist in 2015 is for Tools and here is my Tool Porn blog post 😉

There are so many fabulous things out there I want! Too many! Some probably more to do with my Hoarding habits but some I really do need in my metalsmithing journey. And the only way I can fulfil this obsession is by making more sales of existing stock, I hope the January Sale sets the ball rolling for this.

Anyway, stop waffling Shalini! This is my wishlist on Pinterest (in no particular order) and more will get added to it as I travel further an explore stuff I can do with copper.

Oh to be able to tick these off one by one as MINE! and have them on my workbench getting used regularly… We will get there! 🙂

If you have them on your tools wishlist here are some nice Texturing Hammers available to buy online

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