A Fairy Adventure!

Art Fairies for Annas’s Hope

In support of Fairy Anna Stamford Artisans Guild members unanimously agreed that Anna’s Hope should be our  Chosen Charity for the July Artisan Exhibition.

Participating artisans were asked to make a fairy using our chosen craft medium (like the Art Bras we made for Cancer Research in May)


So I was obviously going to make a wire fairy. But how? After a lot of thinking and trying out a few ideas which didn’t look quite right I decided to use the wire tree sculpture method for my fairy. I have made wire trees, I even made a wire Ent so why not a fairy!

Here she is slowly coming to life. I have used .5 and .8 mm Aluminium wire for this project because the wire is so soft and easy to manipulate. I know she looks more like a stick man than a fairy in the picture but she has been “prettified” now and is definitely dressed! And she has sparkly wings too.

So where is this sparkly, dressed fairy then? You will have to come to the Stamford Arts Centre on 21st July to meet her! That’s when she will see her public for the first time.

She is looking forward to being adopted and all she asks in return is a generous donation to Anna’s Hope for the fantastic work they do! She is a fairy with no name at the moment. Her new parents will have the privilege of giving her a name to suit her personality.

The Fairy and I look forward to meeting you at the Craft show on Sunday and giving our fairy adventure a fairytale, happily ever after ending. 🙂

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