A New Adventure – Stained Glass

What a Fabulous Birthday I had this year and a new adventure in creativity!  Spent the day at an Introductory Stained Glass Copper Foil Workshop with Cathi Prince.

It was a nice, cosy group of 6 and Cathi’s patience in explaining what we had to do, and showing it again and again to complete morons like me was amazing! initially I simply could not get my head around the scouring and tapping to cut the glass and she just calmly showed me what to do.

Slowly I got into it and made a star!

All the pieces cut out and laid on the pattern before the copper foiling starts.
Then out came the copper foil!

Not the kind of copper I am normally used to working with, wire is more my thing…


I am rather proud of this one.

Then we stopped for lunch. It was included with the course! Not your average packed lunch on the go though. Oh no no no! Sit down lunch in the conservatory, beautifully laid out table, choice of two soups, cheese board and the most gorgeous home made apple tart! And wine…

Ok replenished and full of confidence after my star I was ready to take on anything. Bring it on! I am a Copper Foil Pro and Stained Glass Master!

Yeah Right!

Cathi had laid out some examples of ornaments we could attempt to make – Christmas trees, baubles, robin and angels. Some with lots of straight lines, some with a few easy curves.

I chose

Flying angel with curved wings and body using 7 pieces of glass cut in every shape imaginable!

And decided she was to be a dark angel with near black wings! (Yes I know! A bit like me… mean and horrible) Initially I was going to give her a red head to make her even meaner and figure out how to attach a broom to make a wicked witch but lots of strange looks from fellow students later she has a dark head to match her dark wings.

Few bits with copper foil wrapped around the edges

As you can see from the glass sitting on the template didn’t quite cut it along the original shape! And Cathi had to step in a few (OK  a lot) times to help with the curves and to stop me nibbling away at the glass with the pliers. It is supposed to be cut, not crunched! The bit I cut wrong was covered up with a “blob” and a flower and here is my angel with dark wings and a general dark look all about her. But hey there is lots of turquoise in her too and Turquoise is a GOOD colour!

An Angel like you’ve never seen her before!

Thank you so much Dave for such a lovely Birthday present. Most enjoyable day I’ve had in ages. Learned a new craft and more importantly had so much fun and gained confidence that even the most complicated things can be made possible if I set my mind to it! Hoping to use some of the techniques I was taught with rock slabs soon…

So I came home with these two little Christmas decorations! You will see them at my 4th December stall dressing up my display!

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