Amber 2

Amber 2 has now been delivered. This one was a BIGGER challenge and that’s not just because of the size! It had so many inclusions in it and I was determined that I was not going to hide any of them!

I normally tend to just go with the flow when it comes to wire wrapping a stone normally. Maybe a couple of sketches to try and visualise the final result. This time I made lots of drawings and promptly rejected each one because one little fellow or other was going to get covered by wire. Plus I didn’t think we should hide any of the magnificent stone with wire going across the middle.

Then I finally decided on how I would wrap it and realised that I was holding the stone the wrong way! One of the insects would end up upside down! Anyway… we got there in the end and I am really pleased with the finished piece. So are Gary and Vicky. “over the moon” was how he described her reaction!

This has been such an enjoyable project!

The front and back view of large bespoke Amber pendant

And if you missed reading about my Amber 1 adventure you can see that here

And a Close-up.

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