Two weeks ago, while on a snowy dog walk in the fields my mobile rang. In the middle of trying to keep my balance on the slippery surface, trying to stay warm and keeping an eye on the dogs I almost didn’t answer it! But in this age of technology the whole point of  a mobile phone is that I can be contacted wherever, that is why its the number I have put on my website! So I did answer it…

It was a call from Gary asking if I could make an Amber pendant for his wife’s 40th Birthday on 4th Feb. A few emails were exchanged, he sent pictures of the Amber (2 pieces)  they had acquired while on holiday. He also sent examples of what he had seen on the Internet and how he visualised the pendants should be mounted.  A  couple of phone calls and we had a bespoke order for two amber pendants.

OK… time was short, I still had to order wire and think about what I was going to do. Two absolutely gorgeous pieces of Amber arrived in the post with a request for one finished pendant for delivery latest by 2nd Feb for the Birthday bash! The Amber is just magnificent, with superb inclusions and I am sure very valuable! And I have to wrap it without hiding the wasp sitting inside it. No pressure then!

Life would be so boring without challenges wouldn’t it? I have made one pendant so far and it was delivered in time for Vicky’s party and this is what it looks like:

Bespoke Amber Pendant Small

And this is the text I received…

Hi Shalini, received this morning and its stunningly beautiful. Showed it to my mother in law and her jaw hit the floor ha ha. You are such a talented person! Think I will take your web details to party as I’m sure her friends will want to know.

and then another text

You have made a treasured family heirloom, thank you. Gary

Thank you Gary for giving me the chance to work with something so beautiful and trusting me with such a valuable stone!

There is one more to come…

No I am not showing you the whole stone just yet!

And I must thank Amanda at Palmer Metals Ltd. for getting the wire out to me in super quick time!

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