I shall be Captain-2

Aye! I found t’ treaaye, I SHALL be Captain!

I Shall be Captain! ARR!

Who Shall be Captain - 15 BNB challege
“Who Shall Be Captain” by Howard Pyle (March 5,1853 – Nov. 9, 1911). Oil. Delaware Art Museum.

As you know I like to take part in design challenges and have done many actively on Facebook. The latest one on the Bead Peeps Facebook Group is the 15th Blogger / Non-Blogger Challenge  “Who Shall be Captain”

I have been playing with pennies and making coin necklaces and they have been popular. But I still don’t own a piece of coin jewellery! So I thought I would use this fabulous jewellery making treasure to make a treasure bracelet for myself full of coins and gemstones 🙂

These pennies had a slightly different treatment to the usual flame painting as I first tumbled them for a week using 80 grit which is used for tumbling stones & then put it in liver of sulphur. I wanted to create a similar look on the coins to what treasure found at the bottom of the sea and shipwrecks looks like. And of course there is always shiny bling in pirate stories which is what the wire cage gemstones are doing in my treasure bracelet. Arr!

All participants have worked very hard for the right to be Captain in this contest so please do vote for your favourite treasure entry HERE

Oh and Just remember one little thing when you go to vote…  I found t’ treaaye, therefore I SHALL be Captain! Or else ye shall walk the plank! 😛

aye I shall be Captain
“Me Treaaye! Therefore I am Captain!”


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