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We will be at the Wansford Dog Show

I recently came across an appeal on my local Dog Rescue Animal Helpline‘s Facebook page for sponsorship of a Category at their Wansford Dog Show.

One of the Categories needing a sponsor was “Prettiest Girl”. Having recently lost our Millie, who was adopted from Animal Helpline in 2001, I thought it would be a lovely tribute to my pretty girl to sponsor this category for the Wansford Dog Show.

So yes Jewellery by Shalini is Sponsoring this category at the Wansford Dog Show. But imagine my surprise and delight when they said that for this sponsorship I can also have a stall at the Dog Show! How generous is that!

Now a dog show is not a craft fair and its a long time since I did an event like this. I tend to mostly do Handmade Craft shows and other markets. But I am attending this event. In memory of Millie and to celebrate other dogs like her who got a chance to live a full and happy life thanks to Animal Helpline. Its just a small way of showing my support. I will make a donation to the charity from sales proceed on the day too.

Jewellery by Shalini will be at Wansford Dog ShowMost of the money raised from this event is to help this handsome Labrador Alfie. Poor Alfie arrived at Animal Helpline in a sorry state. His ears were full of pus, his paws were chewed, and as an older Lab (8y/o) he desperately needs help. To bring Alfie back to health, he needs a £1400 ear operation, a massive cost for a small rescue.

Small animal charities have a very difficult time raising enough money to save lives. They re-home many dogs but they also have long term residents who cannot be re-homed for various reasons. And then they get dogs who are abandoned due to ill health, who need expensive vet treatments and operations. All this costs and Alfie needs this help right now.

So do come along to the FUN DOGSHOW At Wansford Horticultural Society’s Annual Show Saturday 23rd August Haycock Hotel Wansford. £1 entrance.

Wansford Dog Show


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