Some Beach Glass…

Back in November last year I got an email from a lady in Easton-on-the-Hill near Stamford asking if we could polish some beach glass for her. It had been sent to her by her dear friend who found it in California. It was sitting in a drawer and she wanted us to do something with it.

We have never polished beach glass and as soon as we saw the little pieces we knew working them on the lapidary machines was going to be a challenge. So I though I would try hand polishing using wet and dry paper. Then Iritis happened and the project, like so many others, was put on hold. Our client was so understanding about it and she kept emailing me, not to ask if her pieces were done, but how I was doing.

Anyway… after getting the all clear from iritis I went back to the glass in June 2014. Most of it was too small to polish and I personally also felt that polishing it was taking away the essence of this material. It is cloudy, it has too many pits but it is so beautiful! So I abandoned the wet and dry paper and put it through the ultrasonic cleaner with some washing up liquid. The beach glass came out clean, and the translucence of the glass was more evident.

So I thought a little bit of simple wire work was the way forward and made three pieces of jewellery. I think I did good 🙂

Message from Helena on facebook:

Thrilled to bits with the jewellery you made for me Shalini – these were pieces of beach glass found on a beach in CA by a dear friend of mine – sent over to England and now something I can wear and be able to tell the story behind it all. Many thanks Shalini – Highly recommended xx

Beach Glass Fun

Thank you for your lovely comments Helena, and Thank you for trusting me with your precious gift. The pleasure was all mine making jewellery for someone as lovely as you. Thank you for letting me be a part of this journey which started when your friend found the gorgeous beach glass in California. And thank you for your patience too because it did take a very long time to complete this due to my eye problems earlier this year. Shalini

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