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Bead Peeps Swap n Hop… The BIG Day is here!

Yes its Reveal Day for the Bead Peeps challenge! Time for all of us crazy creative people to show off, to give ourselves a pat on the back and generally feel good about positive networking with like minded people – the Bead Peeps.

I was sent some really beautiful beads and handmade focal pieces by my partner Rosantia. I was also sent a huge challenge because one part of this set was totally outside my comfort zone. Don’t get me wrong, they are lovely beads, and the handmade components are really special but not something I work with. So it took some thinking about.

For my first piece I decided to make something out of all the pieces that were outside my normal style, without using any of my wire work or metalsmith skills. The beads appealed to the child in me because they are so colourful and pretty and summery and there are flutterbys in the set too!

butterfly bead necklace collage

So this is my summer garden necklace for which I used the beautiful butterfly focal bead by Margit Boehmer, Eco-leather cords in blue, green, pink and purple, some bronze colour spacers, Czech crystal pressed flower beads (green, yellow, aqua and pink), some of the Ceramic and polymer clay beads and metal bronze coloured components.

The necklace does not have a clasp, instead it has a pink ribbon as close to the lovely ceramic flowers as I could match which goes through the two bronze circles and is then tied. This also makes the necklace adjustable for different summer dress necklines.

zoisite bead bracelet collageThese Ruby in Zoisite beads jumped out at me from the moment I opened the package Rosantia sent me. What fabulous colours! And they are just the kind of chunky stone beads I like working with.

I was also attracted to them because we recently acquired some rough material which is sitting in the lapidary workshop waiting to be shown some love. Its nice to see what the polished stone looks like and an added incentive to do some work in the lapidary workshop this summer.

If you have been following my coppersmithing journey you would know I have a new favourite component. Copper Washers! 😀

This is what happens when you give a girl big green beads, washers, wire, a texturing hammer and a bottle of liver of sulphur!

Picaso Jasper bead braceletAnd then there were these gorgeous Picasso Jasper beads.

I decided to keep it simple on this one and did variation of my very popular gemstone bead and wire bracelet by doing a mix of small copper washers and the Jasper beads linked together with swirly connectors and a hand-made hook clasp.

And of course don’t forget the texturing hammer and the liver of sulphur to give the bracelet an antique look.

Wooden beads earrings Wooden beads, decoupaged with Washi paper, made by​ Rosantia

What can I say about this! Absolutely gorgeous beads, beautifully crafted and finished and in my favourite colour RED!

Kept it really simple so its all about the beads. I made a couple of “lantern handle” style components for the bead to hang from. A very pretty pair of simple earrings I have to say.


And Finally there were these amazing Raw Beach Glass pieces which Rosantia collected on the Black Sea shore.

seaglass pendantI have looked at them again and again and there are so many ideas going through my head. I think I spent so much time thinking that I ran out of time and deadline day was looming. So four of these pieces have been wrapped in tissue and put away safely for another day. (Won’t be long) I have an idea but need to practice the technique more before I touch the beach glass.

Anyway… I used the biggest of the pieces and did a wire weave setting. The lovely Austrian crystal bicones make a nice sparkly border to offset the matted look of the glass.

I am very pleased with it 🙂

I am very satisfied with this stash! Hope you like it too! Now Let’s go blog hopping. Please do have a look at Rosantia’s blog and see what she has done with the components I sent her. I am amazed at how creative she is. And I am so happy she has used wire work techniques to play with the pieces I sent her. As a wire artist that makes me so happy 🙂

Thank you Rosantia Petkova for being my partner and giving me the opportunity to try new ideas. I have not used everything that came in your very generous stash but the pieces are safe and will be used at some point in time soon. I know a couple of these designs will be tried again and again with different beads and added to my on-line shop in the near future. And I will write a separate blog post about your beautiful work very soon.

all bead peeps jewellery


And here is a list of all other participants in this Blog Hop.

Do check out what everyone else has been up to. I have just had a few sneak peaks so far and there is so much amazing work on display. All participants are winners. Well done everyone!

A very special thank you to Linda Anderson, our hostess for this blog hop who has spent a lot of her time encouraging us all, reminding us what a blog hop is all about, and generally being such a fun person to work with. While doing all this she also managed to find time to have two swap partners and make fabulous pieces of jewellery. Linda you are amazing!

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  1. nice to see you using so many bright, cheerful colors. I must say that it is a departure from your copper beauties

  2. What can I say – I was really wondering if you were going to make something like the Garden Necklace and I am so delighted you tried your hand at it and it is wonderful! And the beads you selected for the copper washer bracelets look just right! That lantern design is something I will have to remember – what a great way to showcase the beads and it adds even more exotic feel to it! But the humble beach glass piece got a princess treatment, I am so impressed how it looks in its new wire woven dress, this is something I really hoped for and it has happened! I am so grateful to have had you as a partner and a new friend!

  3. Very pretty! I love the metal work!

  4. The ruby in zoasite beads were lovely the way you enhanced them; and You managed to make the beach glass(not my favorite thing) appealing as well

  5. Drooling….can I say that? I’ve seen so much copper, which makes me happy to see the versatility that each participant has in their designs. Your pieces are inviting, colorful and gorgeous!

  6. Aww – you’re welcome! I’m honored to have such INCREDIBLE artists to exchange with and learn from!

    Your pieces are STUNNING. I just can’t even….just stunning. The Jasper bracelet and the butterfly necklaces just took my breath away. Absolutely FANTASTIC!


  7. Just incredible work. Love the first bracelet as the copper really played well with the stones.

  8. Beautiful designs! I love the way you burst out of your comfort zone with the necklace…really pretty and the adjustable style perfect for summer outfits of any kind. Your copper work is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

  9. The flutterby necklace is wonderfully whimsical. You did a fabulous job with those bright components. As for your other designs? Swoon. Copper is my favorite metal and you have worked magic with it.

  10. Though I really like the garden necklace, the colors, the theme, I am loving the jasper bracelet. The earthy rustic look is so beautiful.

  11. Great pieces! The summer garden necklace is so fun & whimsical and I especially love the beautiful picasso jasper bead & copper bracelet! Well done!

  12. Great wireworking, I applaud anyone who can work with wire. I love the idea of a ribbon for the clasp on the necklace, and that jasper bracelet is just stunning!

  13. What an amazing selection of jewelry. I can see why you like the copper washers- they are fab!

    I love love love the butterfly necklace. It’s gorgeous!

  14. Very pretty! That necklace came out great! I love that you didn’t use any metal in it, and it’s so so colorful and fun! The jasper bracelet is extremely pretty too. great job!

  15. I love the wire wrapping you did with the sea glass! I never would have thought of that! Beautiful work!

  16. It looks like you had a great time working with new components. I love your wire work too!

    • sam
    • 3rd May 2015

    Loving all of the pieces you made. Those paper covered earrings are gorgeous. Your wire work with the sea glass looks perfectly stunning. Your butterfly necklace looks really fun and colourful.

  17. Very pretty designs specially the knotted piece with butterfly and flowers necklace plus beautiful colors .

    • Dolores raml
    • 3rd May 2015

    You made some beautiful pieces, I really love you you incorporated the washers in there too. Great job on the wire work too.

  18. Beautiful designs. All that wire work is gorgeous.

    • Kathy Lindemer
    • 3rd May 2015

    I love the butterfly necklace. The colors and design are wonderful. I also am crazy about the sea glass pendant you created. It is great. You make some terrific pieces with your goodies. Well done!

    • Palak ( Pallavi Asher)
    • 4th May 2015

    What unique and wonderful creations! I love the way you have used copper washers and made such lovely jewellery out of that . And those earrings are my favourite. Your designs always have such rich and wonderful combinations of colors and textures. Beautifully done

  19. I love what you did with your stash you received. Very beautiful especially your wire wrapped sea glass. Great job

    • Marti Conrad
    • 4th May 2015

    The flutterby necklace is delightful, but the green sea glass and wire piece is just gorgeous! Great job!

  20. Shalini, your jewelry creations are great. I love what you did with the polymer clay butterfly….so many lovely colours! But my favorites have to be the copper washer bracelets!!! I love copper with gemstones…heck I love copper with anything so it’s a win, win. You have a great sense of style and are a very talented jewellery designer! Thanks for sharing.

  21. Wonderful adornments. Love the liveliness and entertwining of the pieces. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  22. It might have been out of your comfort zone but I think the necklace is fantastic, lively colourful and cute! Your washer bracelets are fabulous too, and the earrings are cute as!

  23. Oh wow! What fabulous creations you made.

    Loved them all but I must say that copper and green bracelet is spectacular. Love!!!

  24. Very nicely done, especially the beach glass and that chunky green bracelet.

  25. Oh, such happy, cheerful, summer-filled pieces! Just what I needed on a beautiful spring day like today – something to make me smile 🙂 Wonderful work all around.

  26. Hi Shalini, kudos to you for working outside your comfort zone on the first necklace. It is lovely. Your wire work is wonderful. The woven sea glass pendant is my favorite.

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