Bespoke Project: St Helena Rock Update 2

St Helena Rock Pendants 1 & 3 on their way to Glasgow today:

Bespoke Rock Pendant 1
St Helena Rock Pendant 1
Bespoke Rock Pendant 3
St Helena Rock Pendant 3

Em’s seen the pictures and this was the reply!

Love love love them!! Be hard pushed to decide which one is mine!
Thank you so much for making something so special to me into something so amazing!

Once she receives them I am hoping the reaction is still the same… fingers crossed!

This has been a really enjoyable project right from the start. The Customer is so lovely. And I feel so proud that she entrusted us with something of such immense sentimental value to her! I hope the one she keeps is going to be a forever piece to remember the good times at St Helena, an island in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean.

And a special thank you to Dave for the initial rock cutting. I know he was terrified when he first started because neither of us was sure if the rock was going to disintegrate into a thousand pieces the moment it met the cutting blade! It was a BIG responsibility for both of us.

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Bespoke Project: St Helena Rock

Bespoke Project: St Helena Rock Update

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Bespoke Project: St Helena Rock Update