Copper Creations

Arthur the Dodo
And here is project 3 from the series of Bird Commissions I did for Eve Marshall - Dodo Face & Feet for a Felt sculpture. His name is Arthur and it was love at first sight when I met him! He is too cute for his own good! Arthur was exhibited at Stamford Arts Centre in March. Eve's amazing sculptures and artwork were part of the Paper & Felt Exhibition in the Arts Centre Gallery. ..
Quirky Seagull
Project Seagull from Felt Artist Eve Marshall  She sent me a sketch with notes: 2 Sets of Seagull feet with knobbly knees, approx 3 inches long 2 beaks for seagulls Your wish is my command Eve ;-) Seagull Feet forged and textured from copper sheet, then copper wire legs brazed to the feet. Beaks made using fold forming techniques. Eve made this AMAZING Felted Seagull Sculpture which was exhibited recently at Stamford Arts Centre. I can't wait to see the 2nd seagull she will make with the other set of beak and feet.  ..
Copper Bird Feet
Felt Artist Eve Marshall sent me several bespoke copper components commissions in January this year including one for bird feet for use with her cute little felted birds.  I am sharing pictures of the Wire Bird Feet I made for some of her whacky bird sculptures. They turned out pretty cool don't you think? And these are some of the amazing Felt Bird Sculptures Eve made. These birds were exhibited recently at Stamford Arts Centre. Eve & I accept bespoke orders for bird sculptures with quirky copper feet. Do get in touch if you would like one! Blackbird  Whacky Cana..
Air-chasing Fun!
Last week I finally gave my new bench vice an outing and indulged in my latest favourite technique. Yes I know I seem to have several favourite techniques, but that is only because coppersmithing is so much fun! Air Chasing is one that is giving me most satisfaction right now. Air chasing copper requires time and a lot of effort but the end results are spectacular and each piece is a one off! And that's why I do it :-)  Here are a few pictures of some of the steps I went through. 6 inches long .7mm copper sheet in the bench vice and textures using the air chasing  method. This ..
Etched Copper Bracelets
Apologies for lack of updates lately. Lots of bespoke work going on which I can't share yet. My friend Eve Marshall has asked me to make some special copper components for the felt sculptures she is making for her forthcoming exhibitions. There are 5 projects in total. Project 1 and 2 have been delivered. Three more to do, one of which is going to take some thinking about.  So I took a break from it all and made a few copper bracelets. I have signed up to sell my designs at a gallery (that is a story for another day, probably by the end of this month) and I need to create ..
"Your decoration looked great on my Mum's tree"
"Thank You." That's what the email from Eve said. Feels good to create a piece that is well received and liked :-)  She even shared it on Instagram!A beautiful copper tree decoration made by @shaliniaustin doesn't it look great on the tree for Christmas. #artistsmakethebestfriends #copperleaves #handmadegift A photo posted by Eve Marshall (@evefaffs) on Dec 30, 2015 at 1:50am PST ..
Air Chasing Copper
Chasing Over Air Earlier this year I embarked on a new adventure and learnt about Air Chasing, a technique of forging copper using hammers, daps and a vice. It has given me the opportunity to be daring, funky and original in my creations and I am having so much fun! The fact that this style is being appreciated and people are buying is very satisfying. This is what I do and my creativity is a means to earn a living too. It is nice to know that the work I do is appreciated. I put together a little air chasing collage so you can see some of the steps involved in creating this style of w..
Experimental Christmas Decoration
I don't usually have Christmas decorations at my stalls but I did make this sculpture to make the set-up look a little festive for a recent Christmas market... and a lady asked if she could buy it because it was different (and pretty) :-) Not doing any more Christmas markets this year but maybe something to add to the "To Do" list for next year... Material used: 36 gauge  copper sheet, .4mm copper wire, 1.5mm silver plated copper wire, butane torch for the patina, Card making dies.  ..
Playing with Fire...
Literally!  Let's hope the end result is worth the effort :-) I am working on my Escartists Exhibition pieces in copper which include a couple of sculptures, at least one clock, perhaps a couple of framed copper pictures and some new pieces from my range of fold formed and air chased jewellery.  At the moment there is a lot of this going on... but I don't have a lot to show for it because these pieces are for the exhibition and I am not making the designs public just yet. These are the Escartists events dates: Gallery Exhibition: 27 Oct - 1 Nov / Artist Market - Sunday, 1 Nov..
Sawing Copper
I have not been using my Jeweller's saw enough, which is silly because the saw makes it so easy to cut intricate shapes. So far I have only really used it to cut heavier gauge wire. So last night I decided to do some sawing practice. First set of flower shapes cut and I am pleased to say it did not take as long as I thought it would :-)   And no broken blades! So looks like I am finally getting the technique right!  Not sure what I will make with these first two practice flowers, since they look fairly well matched... earrings perhaps? ..
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