Copper Leaves

Copper Leaves

Made a couple more copper leaf sculptures this afternoon. 

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Shalini Posted by Shalini

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Playing with Fire...
Literally!  Let's hope the end result is worth the effort :-) I am working on my Escartists Exhibition pieces in copper which include a couple of sculptures, at least one clock, perhaps a couple of framed copper pictures and some new pieces from my range of fold formed and air chased jewellery..
Sometimes a Plan Just Comes Together
"Isn't it nice when things just work?" so said the Honda Accord Ad a few years ago.Last week I felt a sense of satisfaction when an idea just worked at first attempt and sheet copper turned into flower shaped candle holders. So yes, it is very nice when things just work! From this   to..
So who, or what is Esartists? Here is our Press Release: Artists Markets in Stamford Stamford — Three Lincolnshire based practising artists Eve Marshall, Shalini Austin and Cathi Prince have got together to organise Artist markets and exhibitions promoting the extraordin..
Copper Trinket Trays
I have been having more fun with copper sheet creating lots of little trays, dishes and ashtrays using 0.5 mm copper sheet, texturing hammers and my trusty Sievert Pro 86 Jewellers Gas Blow Torch. Each piece is individually forged and a one-off. Some of these designs are going to Art in the Heart, ..

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