Air-chasing Fun!

Last week I finally gave my new bench vice an outing and indulged in my latest favourite technique. Yes I know I seem to have several favourite techniques, but that is only because coppersmithing is so much fun! Air Chasing is one that is giving me most satisfaction right now.

Air chasing copper requires time and a lot of effort but the end results are spectacular and each piece is a one off! And that's why I do it :-) 

Here are a few pictures of some of the steps I went through.

6 inches long .7mm copper sheet in the bench vice and textures using the air chasing  method. This will be a one-off copper cuff.

After forging and forming the textures I  opened up the cuff pieces using my trusty rubber mallet and filed off all sharp edges and ends.  Two cuffs ready for annealing and shaping.

The two pendants shaped and filed. One is ready for pickle to clean up fire scale, the other still needs a bail added.

Pickled, wire brushed and ready for liver of sulphur treatment to give the pieces an antique finish.

Coppersmithing is messy work! 

Just out of Liver of Sulphur which has given the pieces blackish coating and darkened the copper. 

Next, I will take some of that black off. That is what brings out the textures and highlights the copper.

It is messy work but it is also VERY rewarding work :-)

2 cuffs and 2 pendants done and I think they look fabulous!

I look forward to your comments and thoughts on these pieces. Some of these and other air chased copper pieces are available to buy in my online shop, some will be going to a gallery in Peterborough.  

Shalini Posted by Shalini

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