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Photos from my Workbench - Week 40
It is all about ESC Artists Stamford Exhibition now. I have been working on copper leaf sculptures, copper trays and another collaboration with artisan felter Eve Marshall for a bird sculpture. All pieces will be exhibited at Stamford Arts Centre from 26 October to 6 November. Please do come and vis..
Photos from my Workbench - Week 38,39
Last few weeks have been really busy with Christmas stock for Art in the Heart, new cabinet set up at Corn Exchange Shopping Arcade, Craft events and the forthcoming ESC Artists Exhibition. I just didn't have time to update the blog last week so you can see lots of photos of the things I have been m..
Photos from my Workbench - Week 37
It has been another busy week of stock making in my world. Deadline (30th Sep) looming for Christmas stock for Art in the Heart and there are a couple of craft fairs coming up in October as well.More EarringsCopper BanglesBespoke Buttons for Eve MarshallNew range of Napkin Rings. I have done three s..
Photos from my Workbench - Week 36
Last week was mostly about Earrings and Brooches. Lots of them. Here is the work in progress. Most of these will be going to Art in the Heart in Peterborough for the Gift shop and the Pop-Up event at Queensgate Shopping Centre on 8th October. The coming week will be spent in more of the same, p..
Photos from my Workbench - Week 35
September is here and a busy period of making begins. I have several craft shows, artist markets and an exhibition coming up. So I will try and share some photos from the workbench, which is going to be a real hive of activity I am sure :-) To stay updated about events I am part of please do ch..
New Annealing Pan
Little and Large! Mr A has made a new 3 litre annealing pan for me :-) This will make life easier and I am really looking forward to making larger copper trays, bowls and sculptures. He is also cutting a big wooden block form the logs collected for our wood-burner, which will make hamme..
Round (ish) Copper Bowls
The next design on my coppersmithing projects list is Round Copper Bowls. They are probably going to be roundish but that's OK, because each one will be unique. I watched a few expert metalsmiths, who have kindly shared videos on YouTube, and took inspiration and tips to try and create my own..
Video: Live Art Saturday on 7 May 2016
I had a lovely time doing Live Art Saturday outside Art in the Heart gallery in Peterborough. So many people stopped to have a chat. :-)  ..
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