Round (ish) Copper Bowls

The next design on my coppersmithing projects list is Round Copper Bowls. They are probably going to be roundish but that's OK, because each one will be unique.

I watched a few expert metalsmiths, who have kindly shared videos on YouTube, and took inspiration and tips to try and create my own pieces. This is the first attempt.

I cut an 11 cm diameter disc from  .5mm copper sheet and annealed it.

Then I folded over the ends.

Then LOTS of hammering happened and I created this.

Finished with a liver of sulphur patina.

I am very pleased with this piece and will have a couple of these smaller bowls with me at the 12 June ESC Artists Market at Stamford Arts Centre. Now the challenge is to create bigger bowls, as big as my limited space allows but let's see how far we get :-) The bigger bowls will be made for the ESC Artists Autumn Art Exhibition in Stamford.

Shalini Posted by Shalini

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