Fun with Wire

Work in Progress - Copper and Brazilian Emerald
I have used heavier gauge pure copper wire for all the wire work on this piece. The emerald tumble stones are quite big as well. This is going to be a chunky necklace. I am really looking forward to putting it in liver of sulphur and giving it a nice deep patina. UPDATE: The necklace has t..
Amethyst and Copper Bracelets
While searching for my box of tumble stones I came across a bag of amethyst beads so I made a couple of copper and amethyst bracelets. These wire and beads bracelets have been quite popular at craft shows and at Art in the Heart...
Bare Iron Wire Tree Sculptures by Dave Austin
Dave (Mr A) has started work on a new bare iron wire tree sculpture which will be exhibited at the ESC Artists Autumn Exhibition at Stamford Arts Centre Gallery. His outdoor iron wire sculptures have been exhibited at previous exhibitions at Stamford Arts Centre and well received. He is hoping ..
Bespoke Copper Necklet
At the ESC Artists Market in Stamford last month I met a lovely lady who loves jewellery. She asked if I could make her a close fitting thin copper necklace that she could hang her favourite pendant from. She was very specific on size so I measured her neck with a piece of string to make sure I did ..
Copper Bird Feet
Felt Artist Eve Marshall sent me several bespoke copper components commissions in January this year including one for bird feet for use with her cute little felted birds.  I am sharing pictures of the Wire Bird Feet I made for some of her whacky bird sculptures. They turned out pretty cool d..
Felting Fun
Felt artist Eve Marshall and I often collaborate on design projects. Some of the pieces we have made together are sold in my online shop under the Esha Collection banner. Felt and metal are so totally different from each other, one soft and fluffy the other strong and hard. It is amazing how w..
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