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BNB Challenge 16: Woo Hoo!

Runner Up in the 16TH Blogger/Non-Blogger Challenge! 😀

Another Design Challenge, a beautiful inspiration picture and a last minute rush to get my piece finished. Seems to have become the story of my life lately!

"Colours of Heaven" Bracelet
“Colours of Heaven” Bracelet

I almost didn’t make a submission to this one because I had been unwell. But our lovely hostess Gloria Allen said if I could email her the picture by nightfall of the on deadline day she would include it in the challenge.

This piece started over the Christmas period once my new texturing hammer arrived. It was a Christmas present from me to me! But then it was put aside as I had not quite decided what we were doing. Then I was unwell and nothing got done for a few days. And then the Bead Peeps reminder post showed up on my Facebook News feed on 4th January. Since Gloria gave me some time I brought out the torches, did some quick brazing and flame painting and made this bracelet “Colours of Heaven”. The idea was to use the little butane torch to create a patina to reflect the colours in the beautiful painting. I think I achieved that… almost!

And Amazingly I have finished Runner up in a challenge which had some absolutely fabulous entries by such talented designers. All I can say is WOO HOO!

Here is the inspiration picture in full:

“7 Heaven Lanscape” by Illustration Artist Ivan Laliashvili

And the Winning entry is this beautiful piece of art by Indian artist Divya Narasimhan. As you can see I was in some seriously talented company there!

Empyrean necklace by Divya Narasimhan

As winner Divya will be setting up the next challenge which I am really looking forward to. Plus Bead Peeps Swap N Hop IS COMING!!

Watch this space for more of my metal musings.

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