Brass Cuffs Now Available

Rolling Mill Jewellery

New Range of Brass Cuffs now available to buy online in my shop.

Made a few Brass cuffs using my rolling mill and I am pleased to say they are looking rather good!

Brass Cuffs - floral pattern 1

The first brass cuff I made, as an experiment. sold within half an hour of listing it in my online shop so I decided to make a few more. Luckily I have a local shop in Stamford that stocks brass sheet so I quickly went into town to get some. Normally I have to wait for sheet metal to be delivered from my regular supplier based in Lancashire.

So I cut 6 bracelet blanks from the brass sheet. Then I played with a few patterns and put the brass blanks through the rolling mill. They printed really well and once polished and buffed the cuffs are looking very attractive indeed. Hopefully customers think so too and buy them 🙂

Some of these cuffs are in my online shop, some at Art in the Heart in Peterborough. And one is on my wrist because I am allowed to treat myself 😉