Nature Inspired Candle Surround

Copper Sculpture Candle Surround with Leaves, Flowers & Butterfly

Nature Inspired Copper Sculpture Candle SurroundHandcrafted Candle Surround in Copper with Leaves, Flowers and butterfly. More information about this sculpture in my online shop.

What exactly is a candle surround? Well… it is something that can be put around a candle to make a boring candle look more interesting. And that’s exactly what this sculpture is.

I have used sheet copper and copper wire to make individual leaf sprays which were then joined together to make this copper candle surround.

Initially my plan was to make it into a wreath which could go on a wall. From my experience at shows and exhibitions people seem buy more things that they can hang on their walls than free standing pieces. Maybe it is easier to find room on a wall than on a shelf or a table. But while I was still putting the components together I put it down on the table and it looked rather interesting as a stand alone sculpture. So I added a couple of flowers, a butterfly and put it around a candle.

I recall someone picking it up and commenting that it looked like a crown. Sure if they fancy wearing it on their head as a crown go for it! 🙂 But it is only something to put around a candle, or maybe a wine bottle? And it can be displayed as a stand alone piece even when you don’t have a candle handy.

Some Pictures:

The whole sculpture will fit in one of my 18 cm Copper Trays. The trays can be ordered from my online shop via the links below:

This sculpture was displayed at an Exhibition at Stamford Arts Centre Gallery in October 2017 as part of the Escartists Art Exhibition.