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Air Chasing


Mistakes and Lessons

#MarchMeettheMaker The only way to get over mistakes is to treat every mistake as a lesson – swear a bit, maybe even sulk a bit, learn from it and move on to create something new. View this post on Instagram #MarchMeetTheMaker prompt 18. Mistake or lesson I have made, and continue to make, many mistakes […]

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Favourite to Make - Air Chasing

Favourite to Make

#MarchMeettheMaker Favourite to Make is the 1st prompt Prompt 1 of #MarchMeetTheMaker by @joannehawker – Favourite to Make. I enjoy crafting everything I make of course! But if I really had to pick a favourite I would say my air-chased copper pieces View this post on Instagram Prompt 1 of #MarchMeetTheMaker by @joannehawker – Favourite to Make I enjoy […]

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Air-Chased One off Copper Sculpture ANGST

Air-Chased One off Copper Sculpture ANGST

Free Standing One off Copper Sculpture This is the first Air-Chased One off Copper Sculpture I have attempted. I have previously shared several pieces of Air-chased Copper jewellery – Pendants, Cuffs and Rings. I wanted to take my Air-chasing skills a step further from small items of jewellery and make a bold statement piece to […]

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Rustic Copper Cuff – FANTASY

The Air-Chased Rustic Copper Cuff Rustic Copper Cuff is a popular product in my online shop and at stockists. I have made several Rustic Cuffs using air-chasing, fold-forming, embossing, etching and just pounding with textured hammers. I love making these cuffs and I really like wearing a rustic copper cuff, especially when dressing up for […]

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Air-Chased Copper Pendants

I have added three new air-chased copper pendants to my online shop recently. Each piece has been individually hand forged using air-chasing and texturing techniques in my home studio in Stamford, Lincolnshire. My previous air-chased pieces have all been on a waxed cotton cord. Feedback from customers and stockists is that a ready made necklace or […]

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Copper Cuffs – Air-Chased & Fold-Formed

Last week-end I spent some time making more one-off copper cuffs. It was a LOT of fun 🙂 And the finished pieces have definitely put a smile on my face. I hope you like them too!  I made a series of social media posts as I crafted these pieces. This is what I plan to […]

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Work in Progress – More Air-chasing

I am really enjoying the craft of air-chasing copper. Source: Work in Progress – More Air-chasing

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Copper Pipe Cuffs: Air Chased

Work in Progress… Copper Pipe Cuffs After a wonderful trip to India I am back to my bench and working on several new pieces for the June Artists Market at Stamford Arts Centre and for my display cabinet at Art in the Heart and Whisby Nature Park. What better way to get back into the swing […]

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Fun Copper Pendant, Great Gift for Dog Lovers!

Air-Chased Copper Pendant ‘Woof ‘

Source: Air-Chased Copper Pendant ‘Woof ‘

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