First Auralite Pendant

We recently started working with a miner in Thunder Bay, Canada and importing Thunder Bay Crystals including Auralite directly from him. The rough stock is mostly for sale from our Rough Rock Shop. But surely that’s not all we will do with this amazing rock? Of course not! More about our Thunder Bay adventures later… Continue reading First Auralite Pendant

Spring Carnival Necklace!

A few days ago I told you about the Felt beads I made while enjoying glorious sunshine in the garden. (As I type this there is no sign of that sunshine any more and I am wearing my woolly slippers again!) Anyway… that necklace is ready now and I love it. I hope you will too!… Continue reading Spring Carnival Necklace!

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Making Again :-)

Further to my previous posts my eyes seem to have sorted themselves out a bit and I have been making some jewellery lately 🙂 Yes there was some delay with flare ups but nothing like what I went through in May – June! Custom earrings order from a twitter contact and a circlet via facebook.… Continue reading Making Again 🙂