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Lincolnshire Showcase at Whisby Nature Park

I was recently invited to be part of the Lincolnshire Showcase at Whisby Nature Park’s gift shop in Thorpe on the Hill, about 6 miles south-west of Lincoln city centre. Sharing a Display cabinet with my friend Eve Marshall at the Lincolnshire Showcase. Eve is a fantastic felt artist and makes amazing felted accessories, sculptures and […]

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bead peeps swap n hop

Bead Peeps Swap n Hop… The BIG Day is here!

Yes its Reveal Day for the Bead Peeps challenge! Time for all of us crazy creative people to show off, to give ourselves a pat on the back and generally feel good about positive networking with like minded people – the Bead Peeps. I was sent some really beautiful beads and handmade focal pieces by my partner […]

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Gifts from Bulgaria

Its always exciting when a jiffy bag arrives in the post, normally I know what’s coming because I probably ordered it from eBay or somewhere. But sometimes jiffy bags do come bearing pleasant surprises and gifts. And this is what I found when I opened one with a Bulgarian postmark. A VERY generous gift of […]

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Hurry Up Mr Postman!

Is it Christmas? No not yet! (Phew!) but I do hope my Swap N Hop partner thinks so when she opens a little parcel from England 🙂 Sorry to be a tease but I can’t really tell you what I have sent her yet, till Mr Postman makes a delivery in Bulgaria, so this is all […]

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My Swap N Hop partner is… not a Pinks & Blues Girl!

And that’s just fine because I am definitely not a pinks girl and unless its Lapis Lazuli/Sodalite (or John Lee Hooker!) then I am not that much of a blues girl either. Boom Boom! 😉 So… introducing Rozantia Petkova, my partner from Sofia, Bulgaria for the Bead Peeps Swap n Hop Challenge. I did go […]

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Autumn Forest 2

Reblogged from bairozan’s blog: My Swap’n’Hop Partner Is…

Oh Rozantia you are so kind. Thank you for your lovely post 🙂 I promise to give you the intro you deserve very soon. Now this is the most exciting moment – finding out who your partner is! I blogged about the Bead Peeps Swap’n’Hop here. We, newbies, are the lucky ones because we’re always […]

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swap n hop

2015 Bead Peeps Swap N Hop Partners Announced

And I am off to Bulgaria to meet my partner Rozantia Petkova 🙂  More later once we have spoken, exchanged details etc.  Full list of participants in the Swap N Hop can be seen here   You might also want to see:  SIGNED UP FOR BEAD PEEPS SWAP N HOP

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swap n hop information

Signed up for Bead Peeps Swap N Hop

So… another challenge! A Blog Hop this time – The Bead Peeps Swap n Hop. I have had fun with those in the past and I am sure this one will be no different 🙂  BRING IT ON!  More Details about this challenge here and I will of course update my blog as things progress.  Just a […]

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colours of heaven bracelet

BNB Challenge 16: Woo Hoo!

Runner Up in the 16TH Blogger/Non-Blogger Challenge! 😀 Another Design Challenge, a beautiful inspiration picture and a last minute rush to get my piece finished. Seems to have become the story of my life lately! I almost didn’t make a submission to this one because I had been unwell. But our lovely hostess Gloria Allen […]

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I shall be Captain-2

Aye! I found t’ treaaye, I SHALL be Captain!

I Shall be Captain! ARR! As you know I like to take part in design challenges and have done many actively on Facebook. The latest one on the Bead Peeps Facebook Group is the 15th Blogger / Non-Blogger Challenge  “Who Shall be Captain” I have been playing with pennies and making coin necklaces and they have been popular. […]

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14 B-NB-Design-Challenge

Twice as Nice Design Challenge

So the reveal date for the 14th Non Blogger -Blogger Design Challenge Twice as Nice Holiday in July is finally here! It has been a lot of fun doing this design challenge and it certainly was twice as nice because I got to make two pieces! I decided to make two pieces in exactly the same […]

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Twice as Nice Holiday in July Challenge

So I have signed up for another Non-Blogger/Blogger Challenge on Beed Peeps – “Twice as Nice Holiday in July” These are the challenge pictures and I am thinking of making two pieces in the same style just to see how different colours and materials can make each piece unique and have its own individual personality.    Reveal Date is Sunday, August […]

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Day of the Dragonfly-020

The Kiss of a Dragonfly

The Age of the Dragonfly The 13th non-blogger/blogger – “Choose the actual symbol of the dragonfly, the colors or just the spirit of a Dragonfly and create something that will inspire others.” That’s what Krafty Max, the hostess of this challenge said. What really touched me though was what she wrote in the introduction to the challenge […]

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Felt Beads 2

Felt Beads & Me Time

Felt Beads are so much fun! I can never thank Eve Marshall enough for introducing me to them 🙂 There have been a few stressful going ons recently… the type that really put my back up and want to get the claws out. But thanks to the calming influence of Mr A and a friend who knows […]

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Beadsoup Blog Party: Shalini’s Soup is Served!

8th beadsoup blog party has been fun!

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