Shalini Austin - How it all started

How it all started

#MarchMeettheMaker 2. How it all started… Most of you who have known me for a while know the story of how it all started but it is something shared for the first time on Instagram I think 🙂 View this post on Instagram #MarchMeetTheMaker 2. How it all started… I once bought a necklace in […]

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And some more St Helena Rock

St Helena Rock Jewellery and Display Piece THIS is why I love what I do! “I love love love my new pendant and the gorgeous display piece!!! Just amazing! Thanks again. Em x” This is part of a bespoke order that started a VERY long time ago. So why am I writing about it now? […]

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Auralite in silver

First Auralite Pendant

We recently started working with a miner in Thunder Bay, Canada and importing Thunder Bay Crystals including Auralite directly from him. The rough stock is mostly for sale from our Rough Rock Shop. But surely that’s not all we will do with this amazing rock? Of course not! More about our Thunder Bay adventures later […]

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Zebra Stone & Printstone

Yesterday was a Sunday well spent in the company of Printstone and Zebra Stone

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Creature from the Deep!

Yes I know it is a bit odd… but then so is the habit of hoarding things for ever and ever!

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Zebra Stone Woes…

And how the Diamond Geezer came to my rescue! 🙂

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Zebra Stone

Polishing Zebra Stone is my plan for today…

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Rough Rock Shop

Lots of new stock added to our Rough Rock Shop.

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Bespoke: Purple and Red Pendant

Bespoke Amethyst & Gold fill wire Pendant with a single red coral bead.

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Bespoke Project: St Helena Rock Update 2

This has been a really enjoyable project right from the start.

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Bespoke Project: St Helena Rock

I have been working on a bespoke wire pendant project which I am really enjoying. Original Rock from St Helena (5 days by ship from Cape Town and it doesn’t have an airport) which the lovely Em brought back with her as a holiday souvenir. She told me it was a very special holiday. She […]

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