Making a Copper Tray

Made to Order Copper Tray

I have several copper trays offered for sale in my online shop. Some are in stock and some are made to order. I always get very excited when a “made to order” email drops into my inbox because it means I can once again take a blank sheet of copper and create a new piece.

So what’s the big deal and why get so excited?

Well… the first copper tray I made was beautiful and it sold very quickly. Now I have to make something that looks as similar as possible to that original photo, which the customer has seen and made an order based on. It is always a challenge because it cannot be identical. I don’t have a mould that churns out lots of these trays at the push of a button.

Each piece is individually cut, shaped, annealed, textured and finished. So many different things make a difference to the finished piece – the direction i hammered it in, the batch of copper sheet I used, the consistency and temperature of the liver of sulphur solution used for the patina – temperature and humidity at the time can affect this. 

So yes each piece, even a repeat design, is a whole new adventure in a coppersmith’s world 🙂 

Some of the steps involved in creating this made to order piece which went off to a customer in London this week.

Making a Copper Tray

And a picture of the copper tray listed in my online shop 

 Made to Order Copper Tray
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