A Wide range of handcrafted bookmarks made in my design studio in Stamford, Lincolnshire. I always feel a bookmark is a great gifts for friends or family who live far away because it can be sent by post at a very small cost.

Etched with Quotations: Words or quotes of your choice ca be handwritten and etched on copper to create wonderful personalised gifts for your loved ones. 

Embossed: Some Copper Bookmarks are embossed with patterns or words. This range includes my very popular "Rescued is my Favourite Breed" design with a cat or dog image. It could also have a rabbit or another animal.  

Esha Collection: etched or embossed bookmark with Felted Animals crafted by Artisan Felter Eve Marshall. These bookmarks are made to order via the listings on this category below.

Soldered and Sculpted designs: Occasionally I use small pieces left over from other projects to make a one off bookmark.

Work that has been sold can be seen in the Sold Gallery. Some of our designs can be made to order and you are most welcome to Contact me to discuss bespoke orders.

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