Cute Red Miniature Copper Flowers in a Pot

Cute Red Miniature Copper Flowers in a Pot

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Miniature Copper Flowers

Lovely little Red Miniature Copper Flowers in a little terracotta pot.

I was in town a few weeks ago and saw these cute little vintage terracotta pots at Hoptroff & Lee. It is a lovely little vintage and antiques shop on Cheyne Lane in  Stamford, my home-town. So of course I just had to buy them! When I brought them home I didn’t really have a plan, but then I remembered the miniature flowers.

Last time I made them was in 2016 when I used to sell at Art in the Heart in Peterborough. They were quite popular. Since the shop closed I have not made more of these. Now I have a reason to make them again! The flowers in this sculpture are red but I am making them in several other colours too.

Lovely Birthday or Anniversary gift with 7 tiny copper flowers in a miniature pot.

The tiny flowers have been handcrafted from copper rivets. Normally these rivets are used in fixing roof tiles. I do like converting items form the hardware shop into decorative copper things 🙂

The Red Miniature Copper Flowers in a Pot sculpture is approximately 11cm tall. The flower arrangement will be done by you when you receive the sculpture. The flowers will come wrapped separate to the pot.

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