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Glowing Copper

#MarchMeetTheMaker Day 5. Detail or close up - Glowing Copper

Detail or Close Up of my work – As Joanna Hawker has said in her post explaining the #MarchMeetTheMaker2019 prompts

an opportunity to show a specific part of your product or process.

So here is a close up of photo annealing copper. There is a video of this process on the homepage of this blog.

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#MarchMeetTheMaker Day 5. Detail or close up – Glowing Copper I thought I would share this picture of a close up of red hot copper when it is being annealed. There is something so exciting about looking at glowing copper sheet or wire once it has just been heated. It is quite empowering to know that this piece of metal is ready for me to mould into a piece of jewellery or sculpture with my hands and the aid of some tools (see 4. Tools & materials in previous post about the tools I would use to shape this annealed piece of copper) #coppersmith #metalsmith #womenincraft #annealing #annealingcopper #redhotcopper #glowingcopper #annealedcopper #copperwire #copper #torch #Detail #closeup #Detailorclose up #marchmeetthemaker2019 by @joannehawker

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