Dremel Versaflame Torch + Copper = Fun!

I have wanted a torch for a while. And on 15 August Lady Luck and Cookson Gold finally gave me the opportunity!  I cannot even begin to describe the excitement when I saw this tweet! I have been entering the Tools Tuesday Competition for some time and I finally won! WOO HOO! 😀 😀 😀

CONGRATULATIONS @ShaliniAustin – you’ve WON this week’s #ToolsTuesday comp! Pls email jennifer.morrison@cooksongold.com to claim your prize!

Cooksongold (@Cooksongold) August 15, 2013


Thank you so much Cookson Gold. Please don’t mind if my next “Design of the week” entry is some kind of a burnt offering 😉

OK, so now I have a torch. But I have never actually been to any workshops or classes to teach me how to use one. At the moment unless someone gives me a grant I don’t think I have the funds to do a full time course. So…  as with everything else I guess I am teaching myself with Mr A’s support. And help from the vast amount of knowledge available from wonderful people who have kindly put up several tutorials on the internet.

I have a very long way to go before I am happy with the results but I have made a start. Dave set up one of his benches in the garage for me and I had a play yesterday. This is the result.

We had this old piece of copper pipe that has been saved as a souvenir. It came out of the airing cupboard after Dave managed to drill through it while putting a new floor in the cupboard! He He He!
I gave it a good clean with a wire brush and let the torch loose on it! Just to see what happened. I got some amazing colours. Now its up to me to learn how to control the flame to get better colours and patterns.
Practice! Practice! Practice!

And then wire bracelets I made recently, a couple of washers and a a few other bits got the flame treatment too! I think some of it got treated to too much heat…

If you think its stupid or awful please don’t laugh. But do leave comments to tell me how I can improve.  If you think its OK for a first attempt then please tell me that too. Christmas has come early for me this year, but its my Christmas and I don’t expect everyone else to think its brilliant. I had fun at my first attempt using a torch and finding a use for that old copper pipe. And I am very confident that this first step will lead to a whole new journey which some of you could be a part of when I start creating jewellery you would like to wear or art you want to display in your home!

And finally a note for the neighbours… Sorry to disappoint you but I didn’t burn the house down so you will just have to live with the madness and the noise! 😛

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    • GLizard
    • 16th November 2014

    Looks good, gives me some ideas for my new torch

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