Gifts from Bulgaria

Its always exciting when a jiffy bag arrives in the post, normally I know what’s coming because I probably ordered it from eBay or somewhere. But sometimes jiffy bags do come bearing pleasant surprises and gifts.

rosantia beadsAnd this is what I found when I opened one with a Bulgarian postmark.

A VERY generous gift of beads, components and some amazing Sea-glass. What’s really really special about this sea glass is that Rosantia collected them herself on the Black Sea shore. And then there are two gorgeous Wooden beads, decoupaged with washi paper, made by Rosantia. In my favourite Red 🙂

Head over to her blog to see what she thinks of the bits I sent her. 

And here are some better pictures of what I got. I have borrowed the images from Rosantia’s blog because I really do like the way these have been photographed. 

Wooden beads, decoupaged with washi paper handmade by Rosantia. She is so talented isn’t she?
Crystal beads, metal components, some more beads, leather cord in fab colours and SEA GLASS!
Beautiful Focal by Margit Boehmer.
Its Christmas come early! 🙂

And this is what I sent

wot i sent


  • Bead Selection: A mix of Indian Agate beads. 
  • Penny: Well, its a little bit of England distressed by me.
  • Chain: 6 inches of one of my handmade chains. Pure copper wire, treated with Liver of Sulphur to give it an antique finish
  • Focal 1: One of the pieces using recently acquired wire weaving knowledge. Copper wire and Indian Agate
  • Focal 2: More wire weaving, this time a smaller pendant with a single agate bead and emerald tumble-stone, polished in-house
  • Clasp: Wire Weave clasp with bare copper wire and Agate bead, treated with LOS. I am quite proud of this, even if I say so myself 🙂 

And now I have just under a month to make some pieces with this absolutely amazing stash I have been sent! Reveal date is 2nd May.

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  1. I do hope I sent some inspiration along 🙂 You certainly did!

    1. You have sent me lots of inspiration 🙂 Thank you Rosantia!

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