Go Slow

At the moment my adventures in jewellery making are on a go slow and its not very nice. For about  a month now I have been suffering from blurred vision on and off.  Some days I can see clearly but some days the vision is completely blurred. Been to the optician – nothing wrong with eye sight. Had a whole lot of blood tests including for diabetes. All Fine. I have now been referred to the eye clinic & Fingers Crossed they will know what’s wrong.

So there are days (and quite a lot of them!) when there is no way I can make any jewellery because everything is blurred. I can do some work on the computer because it can be set to large size reading option but I am reluctant to try close work or take on any repair jobs at the moment. The last repair job was delayed so much because of vision problems.  The customer was really sweet and understanding about it and it has finally been completed but that’s not how I work and I felt so bad letting her down 🙁

Well I am staying positive that the ophthalmologists will be able to figure out what it is. My past experience when I used to suffer from Iritis has always been really good at Peterborough Hospital and they do know what they are doing.

So I may be quiet for a while but hopefully not too long. I will of course do all the craft fairs I have booked.

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