Hand Forged Antique Finish Copper Bowl RUFFLES 03

Hand Forged Antique Finish Copper Bowl RUFFLES 03

Decorative Beaten Copper Bowl RUFFLES 03, 9.5 cm Diameter

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Antique Finish Copper Bowl RUFFLES 03

The ruffled edges of this bowl make it look like a flower which makes it a really attractive piece of sculpture to have on a your coffee table with some chocolate in it.

My handcrafted copper bowls and trays are also great for tea-lights, candles, incense sticks, pot-pourri or just as a decorative display piece. Or you could have it on your dressing table with your favourite pendant or necklace.

This round copper bowl is handmade from pure sheet copper and each piece is a one off. This piece was given an antique finish using liver of sulphur. The textures on the metal bring up lovely copper highlights.

This one is approximately 9.5 cm in diameter and approximately 3.5 cm deep.

I can make these bowls to order for Wedding Favours and presents.

Please Note: Most of my copper designs have been given an antique, flame or colour patina. However, copper will continue to darken naturally over time as it reacts with the oxygen in the air. Personally, I feel, this natural oxidation process gives your item an ageless, timeless look which is part of the charm of individually handcrafted copper pieces.

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