How I Learnt


Most important things about learning:

  • You never stop learning
  • Practice, Practice, Practice.
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#MarchMeettheMaker Prompt 14. How I learnt Two most important things about learning are 1) You never stop learning & 2) Practice, Practice, Practice. I have not had formal training as such. I have not attended any workshops, courses or night school locally. My husband has an electronics background and first showed me how to use pliers, how to de-burr wire etc and then when I started working with sheet metal how to soft solder. I am grateful to everyone who advises me about techniques, methods or equipment that can improve my designs and my productivity. Some of you follow me on Instagram and Facebook so might be reading this. Thank You for the tips 🙂 That’s why I say I am self taught. I have had help from Online metalworking tutorials (via DVD Downloads) by several US based metal jewellery tutors to get a better understanding of Air-chasing, Fold Forming, Texturing, Fabrication and other metalsmithing techniques. I also refer to the wonderful youtubers who share their knowledge and skills with everyone. There are those who have added videos of work in progress which helps me learn the skills and and adapt them to my ideas. And how else do I learn? From my customers. Especially the ones who give me bespoke orders to make things I have never made before… or sometimes just leave an idea floating and say “what can you do? ” For example Arthur the Dodo you see in the picture. a collaboration with @evefaffs She asked me if I could make Dodo face and feet in copper because she wanted to make a felted Dodo sculpture. Isn’t he gorgeous? In last few months I made a personalised copper sculpture Christmas present, pendants out of rocks which had to be first cut and polished. I am currently working on rings – This has involved a lot of learning and I am so grateful to them for trusting me with something so special. Some of the designs you see in my shop evolved from commissioned pieces. #howIlearned #alwayslearning #practice #practicemore #practicesomemore #coppersmith #metalsmith #womenincraft

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