I love my kitchen!

Don’t say I never do anything in the kitchen! I spent a long time in it today and made good use of all these items and a few others!


And this is the end result 🙂

A new batch of tumble polished stones to add to our stash of tumblestones.

Ha! you thought I had suddenly discovered Cooking!  That does not even happen much in my dreams you know!

Cooking is just one of the events that happens in our kitchen (Mostly managed by Mr A.) The kitchen comes in VERY handy for washing and cleaning the tumble-stones through all four stages of tumble polishing them and then putting them out to dry on the worktop undisturbed while I carry on other stuff in the workshop. And we don’t have a sink in the workshop. Initially there wasn’t enough room and then it just never happened…

Our lapidary workshop has a lot of things commonly found in everyone’s kitchen. Sometimes there really isn’t a need to spend lots of money on expensive “specialist” equipment. I am not saying you should compromise on the right equipment for your craft, for example the right grits, tumble barrels and machines are very important for rock tumbling. But when it comes to washing them a lowly plastic colander and a measuring jug from the kitchen does the job very nicely!  A word of advise… Don’t use the same colander for washing your veggies and your rocks. That would be a bit silly!

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    • raja
    • 24th June 2013

    Hilarious! I really thought this was about a dish you made today.

    Looks like the minimal equipment you have in this pic has done a great job of washing all those stones.

    So I cannot even say “you made a right meal of it!”. 🙂

    1. Ha Ha Ha Raja 😀 I am known to be a little crazy but cooking? That would be when I really do make a right meal of it!

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