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It will be Alright on the Night!

So… its nearly exhibition time. And I think I am ready! It will be Alright on the Night

It has been a difficult period thanks to the Iritis and I have not achieved everything I had planned. Few pieces I wanted to make never did get made because I couldn’t use the Diamond Geezer, or my torch. With one eye blurred for long periods it would not have been a very clever thing to do! And some of the more intricate wire jewellery I had planned didn’t quite materialise either.

bare iron tree1

But while I have been fretting over my stupid eyes Mr A has been busy playing with wire and making a 4 Ft tall Iron Tree! It is magnificent and will certainly get people talking! 

And I have made some pretty pieces (blowing my own trumpet here!) which I think will be liked. So bring it on!

Stamford Artisans Exhibition | 29 January – 10 February 2014 at Stamford Arts Centre

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