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The Kiss of a Dragonfly

The Age of the Dragonfly

The 13th non-blogger/blogger – “Choose the actual symbol of the dragonfly, the colors or just the spirit of a Dragonfly and create something that will inspire others.”

That’s what Krafty Max, the hostess of this challenge said.

What really touched me though was what she wrote in the introduction to the challenge

Dragonflies have been my totem for almost 40 years. As a child I was found at a dear friends’ grave (after his funeral) by my mother. She told me that There were dragonflies all around and on me and that they must be from him trying to comfort me… More generally, dragonflies are symbols of courage, strength, and happiness.

When the challenge first came up it just sounded like a good way to play with new ideas as I was thinking of making another fairy and also a wire sculpture inspired by a photo of a Common Blue Damselfly by my friend Jan from Jandy Photography.

dig dig digBut in last few weeks courage and strength I have needed plenty of. My little terrorist Millie started going downhill very very quickly and on 14th June she crossed to Rainbow Bridge. She was my shadow, my baby and my friend for nearly 13 years even though she drove me mad with her opinion on everything and I told her I was going to barbecue her almost every day 🙂

So the timing of this challenge has been just right. Not sure what Millie would make of being kissed by a dragonfly but for me this dragonfly brings a smile as I think of Puploosh turning everything upside down at Rainbow Bridge.

So here it is, My Dragonfly in memory of my Millie.

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The Kiss of a Dragonfly,  A sculpture in wire, felt & sparkle, mounted on a flint nodule.
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    • Dave
    • 28th June 2014

    You know Shalini you never cease to amaze me wit your hidden talents, I remember when you didn’t even know how to hold a pair of pliers, but look at you now, what will come out of that creative mind of your next, who knows perhaps Millie helped you with this one in her own way.

    1. Thanks Dave 🙂
      Of course Millie helped! Was there ever a time Millie did not have an opinion on everything?

  1. A wonderfully whimsical design and a very touching tribute to a faithful furry companion.

    1. Thank you Tammy 🙂
      And many thanks for mentioning me on your post

      I love the pieces you have created for the “The Age of the Dragonfly 13th non-blogger/blogger challenge”

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