Last Fineshade Show of 2012

Tomorrow I will be at Fineshade Woods for the last event of the year there.

Fineshade Craft Fayres are really cosy and intimate affairs with a selected few dedicated “Top Lodgers” attending each month and a few regulars who attend when they can. Some new artists exhibit occasionally but the core group never changes. These are not just fellow stall holders, they are all my good friends and I will be honest I sometimes go to Fineshade for a “Social”. We always have a laugh and a joke. Sometimes the sales are great, sometimes I don’t sell anything. But I always meet really lovely people there and lots of dogs 🙂 and have a LOT of fun!  Its such a fabulous place.

So tomorrow I will go there for the last time in 2012 and have a good time.

I will also sign a new agreement  on behalf of  Stamford Artisans Guild for the events to carry on in 2013. So we will be there on the first Sunday of each month between April and November 2013. And it will be exactly the same as it has been in 2011 & 2012. Some things just don’t change and a good thing it is too! We are of course hoping there will be more outdoor exhibitors in the summer months next year (if we get a summer!)


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