Love Is In The Air…

Well… as far as I am concerned Love should always be in the air!

I have just made a necklace now that says “Love”

This is my first words necklace in this style. I used Rose quartz chips and a Rose quartz heart shaped bead so it just felt right to shape the word love in wire for this piece but possibilities are unlimited. Any word or name upto 5-6 letters long can be shaped from wire for this style of necklace (or bracelet).  


I am accepting orders for bespoke necklaces like this using wire and gemstone beads of your choice. Price starts from £20.00 depending on the materials used and the length of the word.

This is just the first piece. I will be making more pieces with just initials  too and will show you more of this style as the idea progresses. 

I like it, hope you do too 🙂

In the online showroom:

Artisan Whimsy

Update 27 Jan 2013:   I am entering this necklace into the “Voted Category” on Artisan Whimsy. I really want to hear what other jewellery designers think of it! Fingers crossed it gets a few votes!



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