Made a Copper Bowl Recently

A few pictures from Instagram of some of the steps in making a copper bowl. I have made a video of the whole process and will edit and upload to you-tube as soon as I can. This bowl is listed in my online shop.

Made a Copper Bowl Recently
18 March 2019: Started a copper bowl today. This is for a video someone has asked me to do for a project he is working on. It is progressing nicely and there is a vague picture in my head what it will look like when I finish. I started with no real plan on which way it was going to go!
Made a Copper Bowl Recently
19 March 018: My bowl is taking shape nicely. Still a fair bit of hammering to do. I am having a lot of fun ????
Made a Copper Bowl Recently
24 March 2018: Restarted work on the copper bowl this afternoon. Happy with how it is shaping up. Since the whole process is being filmed for a project it is happening slowly. I work in a small space and furniture has to be moved around to accommodate the tripod for video camera.
Made a Copper Bowl Recently
And done! I am really pleased with it. I think I might make a few more bowls like this.


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