Making Again?

I certainly hope so! My mind’s been a complete blank for the last 2 weeks and I have made nothing new. Didn’t even feel like it.

Bullet Austin: the free spirit who brought us so much joy

On 15 September our world suddenly turned very very dark when Dave & I had to take the sad decision to send our beautiful boy Bullet to sleep for the final time. We think he was around 14 and he was not doing very well. It was time. But letting go is the most difficult thing to do when you love someone and who loves you back with no strings attached. Maybe it was time a couple of weeks before it actually happened but as I said, letting go is not easy. But he is in a happier place now and he will always be in our hearts. And if there is a Doggy Heaven I am sure he is having a grand time chasing and fighting every 4 legged creature he can find 🙂

The house feels so empty and I still find myself pulling out two treats from the box and shouting “come on doggies”.  Dave’s been the same.  And Poor Millie has looked totally lost. She used to bully him all the time but they were best mates. He was already there when we got her at 9 weeks old, 11 years ago.

But I think we are slowly coming to terms with life without the Big Man. Millie is looking more cheerful and is almost back to being the terrorist dog. And I seem to have finally got some inspiration back. It has been two weeks…


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