Motivation and Goals

Motivation and Goals


What motivates me? You all do!

Customers, friends, family and sometimes random stranger son social media who like my work or leave a nice comment. Thank you all!

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#MarchMeettheMaker Prompt 15. Motivation/Goals What motivates me? You all do! #Customers who buy from me and recommend my work to others. #Friends and #family who put up with me going on and on about my work. Some of you are probably too polite to tell me to shut up, but you know what? Even that counts 🙂 Social Media followers and also complete #strangers who don’t even know me but often leave a nice comment about my work on social media, like a photo, share a post or tag a friend. It all encourages me to keep doing what I love doing. Thank you all! My goal – to keep doing what I am doing as long as I can. #Motivation #encouragement #goals #LovewhatIdo #smallbusinessowner #womenincraft

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