New Website now live

You might see some images missing on the blogs and I do apologise for that! The posts are all there but the new site reads blog posts differently to the previous one and I have to individually shift images which I will carry on doing in the next few days.

The online shop functions absolutely fine and all the information is still there. Enjoy!

I was using something called Marketpress before and while it is easy enough to use it was lacking in some basic things for running an online shop like a proper rss feed! It was quite an expensive package to buy into and when we first started with them it was a lot more pro-active place where the developers took on board suggestions and requests. Nowadays they seem to be on a trip of bringing out lots of New plug-ins but sorry to say requests for improvements to what they have already put out is not very high on their agenda. As a client I would have given my website designer hell for it! But since Mr. A & I work on this together for clients and for ourselves too its time to part ways with Marketplace!

I am sure it works fine for some of their subscribers but for the amount it costs to be a member of their forum I am not very satisfied with the support I have had so I am out!

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