Sold: Turquoise and Copper Pendant

Turquoise and Copper Pendant

Sold: Copper Circle Pendant with a Wire Weave Turquoise bail

This One-off piece has been sold. Please get in touch if you would like to commission a similar piece.

Copper Circle Pendant with a Wire Weave Turquoise bail

I used a texturing hammer to give the blank copper washer a pattern, then put it through liver of sulphur for an antiqued finish.

I used a wire weaving technique to make a copper and turquoise component which is linked with the circle to make this cute, day to evening wear pendant.

The pendant will be sent on a cotton & organza ribbon necklace. The necklace was not made by me, I bought it off the shelf from a findings and components seller on ebay.

Size: 4.6 cm long and 3 cm at the widest part.

The Organza ribbon necklace is adjustable between 18 – 20 inches (45 – 50 cm)

This necklace can be made to order if you are looking for a special, handmade party favour or matching gifts for several friends / family members.

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