And some more St Helena Rock

St Helena Rock Jewellery and Display Piece

THIS is why I love what I do!

“I love love love my new pendant and the gorgeous display piece!!! Just amazing!
Thanks again. Em x”

St Helena Rock Keepsakes

This is part of a bespoke order that started a VERY long time ago. So why am I writing about it now? Because sometimes life can be a b***h. First Iritis… then more iritis… then we lost Millie… then Dave’s back problems and lots of other “stuff” like going full time on the jewellery and rock business which involved so much “admin”. Bah!

Through all this Emma was so understanding. And finally she received her pieces yesterday. A Copper wrapped pendant and a display piece for the St Helena Corner she has made in her home which is all about her trips to the lovely island and the happy memories.

I am so grateful Em for your patience and your support and understanding through all the madness. And so happy you like what we made.

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