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10% discount offered to Stamford Card holders. Please contact me for a discount code. Alternatively you can send me a picture of your card after buying from my online shop and I will refund the amount to you and give you a special discount code for future purchases.


Motivation and Goals

Motivation and Goals

#MarchMeettheMaker What motivates me? You all do! Customers, friends, family and sometimes random stranger son social media who like my work or leave a nice comment. Thank you all! View this post on Instagram #MarchMeettheMaker Prompt 15. Motivation/Goals What motivates me? You all do! #Customers who buy from me and recommend my work to others. […]

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Copper Napkin Rings Custom Order

I recently received a custom order for set of 12 Copper Napkin Rings. Sharing  a few pictures of the making process. Source: Copper Napkin Rings Custom Order

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Making a Copper Tray

Made to Order Copper Tray I have several copper trays offered for sale in my online shop. Some are in stock and some are made to order. I always get very excited when a “made to order” email drops into my inbox because it means I can once again take a blank sheet of copper and create a new piece. So […]

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polishing st helena rock

And some more St Helena Rock

St Helena Rock Jewellery and Display Piece THIS is why I love what I do! “I love love love my new pendant and the gorgeous display piece!!! Just amazing! Thanks again. Em x” This is part of a bespoke order that started a VERY long time ago. So why am I writing about it now? […]

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On Order: Turquoise Copper Links Necklace

This is why I love what I do 🙂 Received the necklace today, even better than the photo. Many thanks This necklace was made on order. Customer liked a bracelet I have in my shop and wanted a 20 inch necklace made in the same design. This is the bracelet design customer saw. 

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beach glass

Some Beach Glass…

Back in November last year I got an email from a lady in Easton-on-the-Hill near Stamford asking if we could polish some beach glass for her. It had been sent to her by her dear friend who found it in California. It was sitting in a drawer and she wanted us to do something with it. […]

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Mike-Tree-making 2

Bespoke Wire Tree for Mike & Maddy

“Maddy saw the grand unveiling tonight through slightly misty eyes and has not stopped looking at it since.”

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Amber 2

This has been an extremely enjoyable and satisfying bespoke wire sculpture project!

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Life would be so boring without challenges wouldn’t it? This is the first of Two Amber pendants which are part of a bespoke order. Wrapped in Sterling Silver wire.

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Bespoke: Purple and Red Pendant

Bespoke Amethyst & Gold fill wire Pendant with a single red coral bead.

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Bespoke Project: St Helena Rock Update 2

This has been a really enjoyable project right from the start.

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