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Enamelled Salvaged Copper Bracelet – Olive Green

Copper Bracelet – Olive Green

Waste Not Want Not series: Metal salvaged from an old copper tank.

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Work in Progress: Cutting up Salvaged Copper

I have just cut off a large piece from the salvaged copper tank I got earlier this year. The sheet is now soaking in vinegar so I can clean it up and get it ready for crafting copper things. I have to make leaves, bowls and trinket trays for the Lamport Hall craft show during […]

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Reducing Waste in my work

Reducing Waste

#MarchMeettheMaker – The 11th prompt for Joanne Hawker’s March Meet the Maker challenge is Reducing waste. I recycle copper when I can. – Copper pipes are fun to shape into sculptures and jewellery. – Copper salvaged from old tanks can be made into wall art, sculptures, jewellery… wherever your imagination takes you really. Here is […]

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