#MarchMeettheMaker This is my workspace in one corner of our living room.  We set this up over the Christmas break and I think my studio space is looking pretty cool! Thank you Mr A for sorting out the lights and other bits 🙂 View this post on Instagram Playing #marchmeetthemaker catch up… I am on […]

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One can never have too many hammers! So I treated myself to a few more recently 🙂 They will go nicely with the other hammers I have and sit in the tool stand Mr A made for me last year. Wonderful range of Hammers available to buy on Affiliate Notice I have an affiliate […]

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How to Store Copper Off-cuts

Metalworking Tip about Copper Off-Cuts Copper Off-cuts tend to have sharp ends which really hurt if they pierce your fingers. I know because I have experienced it plenty of times! And if you use snips / scissors / shears to cut shapes out of thin copper sheet then the off-cuts have all kinds of curls […]

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Learning to Setup the Rolling Mill

So I bought a rolling mill. What next? Learning all about it of course! Learning to use your tools properly is so important! So once the Rolling Mill had been mounted properly on a sturdy table (it is a heavy piece of kit! Weighs 28 kg.) it was time to get to know its various […]

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Rolling Mill

YAY! I Bought a Rolling Mill!

New Toy! I bought a Rolling Mill and I am so excited! ???? Thanks to the wonderful customers who shopped in my online shop and at the ESC Artists Market in June I was finally able to buy a small Rolling Mill. It will help me create new textures and patterns on my jewellery and […]

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My New Annealing Pan

Mr A has made a new annealing pan for me. 🙂 This new workbench accessory is going to make life so much easier when I want to anneal or flame paint larger pieces like my bigger copper trays or if want to anneal 2 or 3 bracelet blanks at the same time.

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