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Tools and Hammers

Tools and Materials

#marchmeetthemaker day 4 is all about tools ????and materials. 

I love my tools. After all one can never have too many hammers… and all kinds of other tools to make metalwork even more fun!

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#marchmeetthemaker day 4 is all about tools ????and materials. My most important tools are my hands. My hammers spend a lot of time in my hands as I beat, shape, forge and texture copper sheet & wire to make #sculptures and #jewellery. The ball pein hammer is my favourite but as you can see in the middle pic, I have several hammers. In fact a lot more than you see in the picture ???? Then there is my trusty torch which makes life easy because I can anneal copper and then hammer it some more. The saw is handy too especially when making dainty jewellery and cutting shapes. And material… it might come as a big surprise to you ???? but i mainly work in copper. And if it is salvaged copper sheet or pipe even better! Chief quality controller and studio hound Miss Manali approves of big copper tanks. #coppersmith #tools #materials #toolsandmaterials #copper #hammer #hammers #ballpein #texturing #dapping #forging #jewellerssaw #saw #torch #jewellerstorch #sievert #salvagedcopper #upcycled #recycled #marchmeetthemaker2019 by @joannehawker

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