‘Tree of Life’ Brooch

Tree of Life in Pearls

Tree of Life Challenge OMG RenaissanceAs you may have noticed, I have been having a lot of fun on the Bead Soup Cafe on Facebook. The beadsoup party was fun of course but there is always something going on there which makes me so happy to be part of that vibrant, creative group of jewellery artisans.

The latest challenge is by designer Robin Reed and she posted the image on right from Pinterest. Sorry I don’t know who the photographer is as it is an image upload with no web link or credit, but whoever you are this is an amazing photo! Thank you for taking it and inspiring us ūüôā And thank you Robin for finding this photo!

The first thing that I noticed about this  wonderful challenge picture: the long branches. And then of course the fabulous contrasting colours which just jump out at you.

So I made this ‚Äútree of life‚ÄĚ brooch with vivid Blue and Green freshwater pearls and copper wire.

Tree of Life Brooch by Shalini Austin

Some of the other Pieces I have made for the Bead Soup Cafe challenges:

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