14 B-NB-Design-Challenge

Twice as Nice Design Challenge

So the reveal date for the 14th Non Blogger -Blogger Design Challenge Twice as Nice Holiday in July is finally here! It has been a lot of fun doing this design challenge and it certainly was twice as nice because I got to make two pieces!

I decided to make two pieces in exactly the same design, I just used different beads and material. Because I liked the design and because I wanted to see how different the two pieces would look. 

Woodland Creatures Design Challenge 

Woodland Creatures Design Challenge
Indian Agate and Copper Wire Flower Necklace

Sparkle Holiday Party Design Challenge 

Sparkling Holiday Design Challenge
Turquoise, Freshwater Pearls and Silver Plated Copper Wire Flower necklace

So What do you think? Does it work? Its the same design in different colours. I like them both and would happily wear them both without feeling that I was wearing the same style jewellery. I can’t choose a favourite because they are just so totally different, individual pieces! Look forward to your comments 🙂

Thanks Mr. A for helping me with the photos!

These were the challenge images to draw inspiration from:

14 B-NB-Design-Challenge

These are the other participating artists. Please do check out their blogs / websites too to see how different designers have interpreted the two design challenge pictures. 

  1. Toltec Jewels – Our lovely hostess for this Design Challenge
  2. Renetha Stanziano 
  3. Dini Bruinsma 
  4. Tammy Adams 
  5. Blanca Medina 
  6. Chris Eisenberg 
  7. Krafty Max 
  8. Robin Kae Reed 
  9. Kathy Lindemer
  10. Marde Lowe 
  11. Andrea Glick
  12. Lee Koopman  
  13. Natalie Davidson 
  14. Lili Krist 
  15. Lori Anderson  
  16. Tami Norris
  17. Klaudete Koon
  18. Ginger Hammond 
  19. Kathleen A Breeding
  20. Veralynne Malone 
  21. Shalini Austin – That’s ME!
  22. Gloria Allen Designs
  23. Sheila Prose
  24. Cheri Reed
  25. Kelly Hosford Patterson
  26. Divya N 


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    • Mr A
    • 24th August 2014


    it’s so good to seeing you getting back to your designing again after the long lay off you had for most part of this year because of your eye problems. And looking at these two pieces it’s clear to see that you are back with even more creative insight than ever before.



    1. I’m so happy for you that you are able to design and bead / create again after all the problems you had! Love these 2 beauties, definitely 2 real ☼ You’s ☼

  1. What a clever idea! I’m amazed at the difference in the sameness. Does that make senses? First of all, the design itself is festive, so you nailed that! And both have beautiful beads. I, too, have a hard time deciding which I like best. It would totally depend on my mood or my outfit. You could definitely add both pieces to your wardrobe and not feel like you were repeating yourself. I am partial to silver so I may say I like the lighter piece just a tiny bit better….maybe. LOL. This is such a good idea that I think it would make a good challenge for a hop, create different moods for the same design. Beautiful work!

  2. How fabulous. Even seeing them together and knowing they are the same design, I get a very different impression from each. The woodland feels earthy and substantial. The sparkling one seems light and airy. Beautiful color choices for both themes. I can’t choose a favorite. They are both so wonderful.

  3. what a simple, simply amazing idea. The two designs, so alike and yet leaving different impressions and yu got each challenge right. While I like the woodland design best, the holiday one is lovely too. I like how the beads in the woodland challenge capture all the colors from the challenge in one bead

  4. Apologies for the late reply everyone. Thanks for your kind words. So pleased you like what I made 🙂

    I really enjoyed doing this challenge and really wanted to see how a design works with different materials. I am really pleased to see that it does if the right colour choices are made and we can get two unique pieces!

    The sparkling necklace was more popular than the Woodland Flowers one, and has actually been selected by our lovely hostess as one of the hostess choice winners. Over the moon!

    You can read about all the challenge pieces which won on this blog: http://www.jewelschoolfriends.com/2014/09/and-winners-of-twice-as-nice-holiday.html

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