Water Feature with Copper Leaves

Water Feature! First Attempt!

Water Feature with Copper leaves

This is the first time I have made a water feature and I am absolutely thrilled with it. It has given me the encouragement to try new things, try bigger pieces and just have even more fun with copper.

It was not the easiest project to take on, especially with my limited work area, and I didn’t actually do any drawings prior to starting. I just started and then drew some sketches to visualise how it would come together once I had made the leaves.

video & some pictures.

Water Feature exhibited at Stamford Arts CentreUpdate: 10 November 2016 – My Water Feature was exhibited at the ESC Artists Autumn Exhibition at Stamford Arts Centre and received wonderful comments.

I am going to work on more water feature ideas and hopefully gather up the courage to create a big outdoor sculpture for the 2017 Exhibition. I will need to find a large sheet of copper for the base. Time to start looking for a place that cells old water tanks which I could recycle.

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